Present to your audience a powerful, engaging web presence

These days, a web site should be much more than simply a static online business card.

You have the ability to attract and engage your audience, and if your product or service lends itself to being sold online, you can reach potential buyers throughout the world

Over 90% of the world’s 5 billion internet users access the internet on a mobile phone, so how well do your web pages look and function on mobile devices?

How long ago was your website last updated? At a minimum, you should be updating your website every two years. It is not unusual for large companies to refresh their website each quarter because they know that without something new to see or learn, their customers see no reason to return.

Your audience has become sophisticated about the look and functionality of websites, even if they don’t realize it. They constantly engage with the most well-designed and well-functioning sites and expect the same from you. You may consider that high expectation to be unfair, but if you have a dilapidated storefront on main street with dusty window displays and dull peeling paint, don’t be surprised that very few people enter the front door or stay for long.

The most important visual elements for your website

The visual elements your website visitors care most about are images, color, and videos. Considering that nearly 40% valued images and color most and 21% valued video, your business should prioritize adding images and picking a website color scheme. After that, focus on using video and then pay attention to other visual elements mentioned — namely, typography, infographics, and animation.

Source: Top Design Firms 2021 Web Design Survey

How I can help

A well designed website is an integration of design, sales, effective communication, entertainment, and value delivery.

I will help you create these elements in a manner that reflects your company and engages your audience, ultimately for the purpose of selling more of your product or service and elevating the search visibility of your site.

Talk to me about making my web presence more effective.