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*/ɡo͝od/ adjective  Aware of shortcomings in their sales, marketing, customer, and other communications • Forthright collaborator • Open to new ideas • Mutually rewarding relationship.  – Michael Lake, Founder

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Our vision, tactics, and strategy for growth

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Salespeople connecting better with our audience

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Our reliance on the same old marketing tactics

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Knowing how to best use our website

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Our RFP success

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Managing our long product or service sales cycle

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Our over-scripted lack of human interaction from our telesales and service agents

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About good marketing

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Too many people think marketing begins and ends with their logo, brand colors, and website. In other words, their company flag, its colors, and their storefront – or store if they sell online.

But the essence of marketing is so much more than that. Marketing is the experience your customer expects when they engage with you. It involves a promise and keeping it.

Your marketing is the product or service you offer. It is the feeling your customer has before, during, and after giving your their money or sharing with you their personal information. It’s the things they tell their friends or colleagues about your brand after their experience, good and bad.

So yes, maybe your logo or website needs refreshing. Maybe you need to rethink your strategy and how you communicate about yourself. 

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that those tasks fundamentally fix lagging sales or poor employee morale. Turn instead to your product or service and ask if you are doing everything possible to fulfill the real needs of your audience.

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What could a musician possibly know about
corporate communications?

And if you are wondering why in the world you would hire a businessman who had a second career as a musician to help improve your marketing and business communication processes, who better than someone who has spent his life deeply listening and resonating to the people and sounds around him?

We should talk about the art of listening since that’s more than half of communication and perhaps a big reason your people are underperforming and encountering difficulty in their job.

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