I am Michael Lake, a 30-year Phoenix, AZ-based veteran of sales and marketing. Hired originally as a telemarketer sourcing leads, I advanced over 15 years to manage the sales effort for what grew into an industry-leading $1billion New York financial services firm.

I owned a New York marketing agency serving small to mid-size companies in a variety of industries. As the Chief Creative Officer, I produced commercials, websites, videos, marketing strategies, and trained sales staffs that increased their effectiveness and revenue producing abilitiesFrom co-founding and leading marketing for a financial service trading company, I helped grow revenue to over $500MM within ten years.

I am a Grammy-nominated musician and author of over a dozen books and several industry-leading online courses on musicianship and trombone.

As you can tell, I am not your typical business consultant. But maybe different is exactly what you need right now in order to train your people and elevate your revenue results.